Commission in respect of your agreement

We, CF Capital PLC, are entering into this Agreement as the Owner but we may choose, in line with our business model, to introduce your Agreement to a third party financier for the purpose of financing your Agreement.

The fees we charge for our services are set out in the Agreement under the “Key Information” section. These are standard fees. Whichever third party financier we introduce your Agreement to, we will typically receive commission from them (either a fixed fee or a fixed percentage of the amount financed).

You must decide whether the finance product is right for you.

For your reassurance, all of the financiers we work with may pay commission at different rates. The commission we receive may vary depending on a number of factors including

(i) which financier we use,

(ii) the amount of work we need to undertake and

(iii) the features of the Agreement we enter into with you. The commission we receive does not influence the rental you will pay.

If you would like further information on our commission structure, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss.